This is where it’s hard for me to avoid using the words consulting and coaching. So I will.

I’ve said it elsewhere on this site (and so have my fans) that I’m known for packing my presentations with plenty of creative ideas, real world examples, simple strategies and tangible tools people can use right away to be more effective and get better results. True story.

Sometimes people run with what they got from the presentation and make things happen on their own. Great! Sometimes people ask me to help them drill down, go deeper and apply some or all of it to their specific situation. Great!

I have several great ways we can work together, from creating a custom program, retreat or workshop for you or your team, to working one-to-one by phone, email, Skype, on-site, off-site, your place or mine and combinations thereof.

Regardless of whether it’s in the marketing slash business development realm or the communication slash presentation skills realm, I only work with people and organizations that truly want to stand out and be different. You see, it’s one thing to say you want to stand out, and it’s another thing to let go of a few bullet points and be brave.

If you’re willing to resist the usual, expected and ordinary, be remembered, get better results and be more effective, then let’s explore whether or not I can be of help in some form or fashion. The best way to do that is to surf the links to the left and then give me a ring or send me an email. Tell me briefly what your situation is and how you’d like to see it change, and then, together we can discuss it and decide if there’s a fit.

Maybe there is, maybe there’s not. Either way, both answers are right.

P.S. Here’s a link to download a free tip sheet: 10 No-Cost, Low-Cost Ways to Make Your Message Stand Out and Not Be Boring.

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Terri Langhans

Terri Langhans, CSP, COE
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"After spending time with Terri Langhans, your new perspective on marketing will take your business to a higher level. You will never think about marketing the same way again. Terri takes the mystery out of the process and creates an environment where creativity thrives. Hang on for the ride!"
Mark LeBlanc,
President Small Business Success 2007-2008 President National Speakers Association

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