Here I am live, up close and far away,
depending on who shot the video.

As the Anything-But-Blah gal that I am, I’m not into the same-o, same-o or razzmatazz demo video promo stuff you might be used to seeing from other speakers. That said, I do have some clips of my popular stuff, including the oft-requested “Are you going to stand on the bed of nails?” segment. (The one shown is from a marketing presentation.) It sums up the importance of being one-of-a-kind and anything but blah . . . not to mention the importance of wearing good shoes.

You can also visit my YouTube Channel for even more. The first one below is 6-minute, 40-second little ditty I recently did at the National Speakers Association 2010 Convention. It’s 20 slides automatically timed to advance every 20 seconds regardless of whether I was ready or not, AKA Pecha Kucha style.

Don’t Be BLAH! Make Your Marketing Stand Out & Get Better Results Right Now.

Yes, I stand on a bed of nails to make a point.

(Pun intended.)

2:26 min

A wink, a nod and some Jello.

(Goes with the article When Reality Meets Strategy: A Personal Health Care Marketing Story.)

2:10 min

No one cares about your boring voicemail, either.

4:35 min

The Timmy Wake Up Story

(AKA:  What Makes YOU a Professional?)

5:28 min

Audience Participation? Here you go.

1:43 min


Sound Bites

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