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Client Interviews That Stand Out, Win More Work and Won’t Make You Crazy in the Process

The Client Interview. It all boils down to this day, this appointment. Your make-or-break, do-or-die chance to go from being One-Of-Many on the short list to THE One-And-Only.

The winner who gets hired.

But let’s be honest: Client interviews can be a pain to pull together, let alone deliver.

Odds are you’ve got a mix of people making the presentation, many with their own opinion on what needs to be said to win the work, others who hope they can get away with uttering as few syllables as possible, and only if they’re asked a direct question.

You’ve also got a mix of people on the client side. Decision makers, influencers, number crunchers, poker players, creative types, frustrated designers and the proverbial “we just wanted to sit in because this is the ‘fun’ part” participants.

It gets worse: You have to stay within the allotted time, cover the points the client demands to know, anticipate the ones that’ll have the most impact on winning you the work, and, perhaps above all, do so in a way that clearly sets you apart from the competition… all of whom have been given the same parameters.

Lucky you. Herding cats must be child’s play compared to your job.

The client interview doesn’t have to be crazy-making.  It doesn’t have to be chaotic. It doesn’t have to feel like a cross-functional fight every time, either.

In fact, after you read this book, client interviews might even be fun.

The magic is in the mix. Here’s what has to happen: Your team has to stop thinking they can logically convince someone to hire them. If only we could squeeze a few more bullet points on this slide!

Stay with me. Don’t panic. I’m not saying that the left-brained, logical people have to be re-programmed and become all touchy-feely, woo-woo creative in their next pitch. Nor do the right-brained folks have to convert their way of thinking to the dark side.

This book will show you how to use the right mix of facts, logic, emotion and feeling to influence choice in your favor. It’s packed with simple strategies and tangible tools you can use right away (and over and over) to:

Why listen to me? Here are three reasons:

1) I’m the former CEO of a $30 million national ad agency and marketing firm that I started from scratch and grew large and profitable enough to sell to publicly traded Big Boy. That means I know what it’s like to compete in a category where the client thinks everyone looks alike, does the same stuff, and mutters, “Just tell me your price.”

I know what it’s like to be the token minority-owned firm, the due-diligence local firm, the out-of-town hotshot firm, the incumbent in a don’t-worry-we’re-only-doing-this-because-we-have-to pitch and the naïve hopeful in a gee-I-thought-you-said-this-was-a-level-playing-field shoot-out.

I know how to win the pitch. I had to win a lot of them in order to grow the company way we did, and to be where I am today.

2) I know how to influence choice. It’s why people hired my firm—to help them attract more prospects and sell more products and services. And that we did, over and over, for the 20 years I’m willing to admit to.

3) I’m a Certified Speaking Professional—one of only 247 women in the world who have met the rigorous standards and five-year review process required by the National Speakers Association and the Global Federation of Professional Speakers to earn the credential.

That’s a long way of saying I know how to craft and present a powerful presentation that gets the results you’re looking for, and I make my living helping you do the same.

Download your free copy now. Before I decide I should be charging for it.

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Terri Langhans

Terri Langhans, CSP, COE
Certified Speaking Professional
Chief of Everything
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“The last two days have been great. Terri’s voice is a cool breath of fresh air that cleared our heads and armed us with renewed confidence. The viewpoint, approach and tools Terri shared with us will help now and guide us in the future.”
Steve Mailin
Partner Traenor Architects

"When my boss got up to speak right after I did in the meeting, he said, ‘Wow! There’s a hard act to follow.’ Thanks, for your help, Terri."
Donna Halker
Project Manager (Retired) Boeing

“Terri made us money this week! We tried what she told us at the breakfast meeting that same afternoon. 
We used to get maybe 20-30% of prospects to respond ‘Yes’ to meeting with us. That day we made 27 calls, and 26 said ‘Yes.‘ 
Then I used what she told us at the luncheon meeting the next day, and we closed a big contract. We are on-fire!”

Jonathan Dunlow,

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