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I hope you weren’t expecting a lot of hype, hoopla or boastful, blatant sales pitching on my part. That would be marketing malpractice, if you ask me. Not to mention annoying. And yes, I’m here, Terri Langhans, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and COE (Chief of Everything) here at Blah Blah Blah.I named my business that because I’m all about helping people be less ordinary and more effective communicators.

And because it’s funny.

The straight scoop is that I speak to business audiences and work 1:1 with clients who want their message to stand out, get better results and sell more products and services. Could be marketing, advertising, branding, business development or just plain better communication and presentation skills or my public workshop on how to win a new business pitch. (There. That ought to help my SEO organic search ranking.)

Perhaps one of my presentations is a fit for your next meeting or business retreat. Perhaps not.  I might also be able to help you 1:1 in a few different ways. But who knows? Not me. Not until we talk a bit more.

You, of course, can get a head start on that conversation right now, surfing around  my site.  Then, if you’d like to explore whether or not there’s a fit, just call or click. I’d love to chat. Hard sell not included, guaranteed.

Terri Langhans

Terri Langhans, CSP, COE
Certified Speaking Professional
Chief of Everything
Blah Blah Blah Etc., Inc.

“Next time, get a bigger room. This speaker draws a crowd.”
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"It's the only one I actually learn from, and it makes me laugh out loud every time."
Jan Garrett,
VP of Coppermark Bank